Background 9 of 26 – The Hamster’s Crackers!

The Hamster King is back in his cage, but for how long?



Background 7 of 26 Fat Robin

Hello to you my friends,

I’ve been busy, busy over the past month creating some Christmas Cards (Of all things!) but I’ve neglected to keep posting, my apologies.

The next couple of posts are examples of my Christmas cards with detailed wintery backgrounds.

I don’t generally like to even talk about Christmas before December but I know some of you like to buy your cards early so I will be putting up a new page on the website with all the designs this weekend. You will be able to buy a pack of all 6 cards for £5 plus postage.

I’ve done all my Christmas cards on a great Free source vector programme call InkScape. Firstly drawn in pencil and scanned in before being coloured in Inkscape.

The first is a Little Fat Robin.

Background 6 of 26 – In the Rabbit Hole

What ho everyone.

I’m a week behind on my 26 backgrounds (so expect another next week) so sorry about that.
This time I have been wrestling with my 2 free picture programmes – Gimp and inkscape.  You get really different results from the two and I’m not sure which I like best.  Vector graphs (Inkscape) look great but don’t seem as warm as raster imaging (Gimp), well as far as I use them anyway.   Which is your favourite?  Take a look (there’s only 2 pictures this time).

This picture of a little bunny curled up in the hollow of a tree is based on a lovely Richard Scarry drawing.

Bunny One

  Bunny Two

Background 3 of 26 – Nightlife at the church yard

Hello everyone, well it’s that time again, the 2 weeks is up and for you all  here is background number 3.


This is again a scene pencil drawn and coloured.  Two are modified and one is the original scan.

Please tell keep telling what your favourite is, I love the feedback.
This particular scene is based on the beautiful and unusual drawings of  John Burningham.

Church Yard 1

Church yard 2

Church Yard 3

Background 2 of 26 – Village Life

Welcome to the 2nd of my backgrounds.
This is a lovely village background based on the wonderful drawings of Roger Duvoisin in The Happy lion.

Again, I am posting 3 versions of my latest drawing.  The original is pencil drawn and colour penciled in.  The other two have added computerised effects.
Can you tell which one is the original and more importantly which one do you like the best?
Looking forward to seeing what you think.


One Village

Village Two

Three Village

Background 1 of 26 – The Roof Tops

Good day to you all.

Post to my Magical Menagerie here is my first of 26 backgrounds I am doing as part of my new yearly project.

This is a roof top scene based on the wonderful Raymond Briggs story called Jim and the Beanstalk.

The initial scene has been drawn in pencil and each is coloured differently.

I am experimenting with colour.   One of the scenes is coloured completely on the computer, one is coloured completely by hand in coloured pencil and the third is a combination of hand colouring and computer effects.

Can you tell which is which?  And which is your favourite?  Have a guess and let me know.


Rooftops 1


Rooftops 2

Rooftops 3