This is me aged 3(Below)


I like to keep things simple and just use pencils, pens and gouache on paper in the main to create my illustrations.  Occasionally I fingle about on the computer.

If you’d like me to draw something for you or see something on the site that doesn’t seem to be available but you’d like it please get in touch.

Additionally I started a little page of inspiration attached to this website called 3 Word Wisdom where I ask those further along in the industry for 3 words they feel encapsulates what they have learned in their time drawing and what they need to keep them going.

Some Contributors to the 3 Word Wisdom Project:


I work out of my tiny studio in Brighton.  It’s a lovely piece of surreal escape within a beautiful city,

I live with my wife and imaginary pony, Lord Galaxion.

I have been illustrating full time since 2012

You can also find out even more about me and my influences in this article here.