Background 1 of 26 – The Roof Tops

Good day to you all.

Post to my Magical Menagerie here is my first of 26 backgrounds I am doing as part of my new yearly project.

This is a roof top scene based on the wonderful Raymond Briggs story called Jim and the Beanstalk.

The initial scene has been drawn in pencil and each is coloured differently.

I am experimenting with colour.   One of the scenes is coloured completely on the computer, one is coloured completely by hand in coloured pencil and the third is a combination of hand colouring and computer effects.

Can you tell which is which?  And which is your favourite?  Have a guess and let me know.


Rooftops 1


Rooftops 2

Rooftops 3



One thought on “Background 1 of 26 – The Roof Tops

  1. Moggin says:

    Tough one, i really can’t tell at all. Beautiful – all of them. Think i love the first one best… mmm but now i’m not sure

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