Background 2 of 26 – Village Life

Welcome to the 2nd of my backgrounds.
This is a lovely village background based on the wonderful drawings of Roger Duvoisin in The Happy lion.

Again, I am posting 3 versions of my latest drawing.  The original is pencil drawn and colour penciled in.  The other two have added computerised effects.
Can you tell which one is the original and more importantly which one do you like the best?
Looking forward to seeing what you think.


One Village

Village Two

Three Village


One thought on “Background 2 of 26 – Village Life

  1. Moggin says:

    Not sure which is which and they are all gorgoeus. Love the detail and the sense of movement – I could be an art critic! Think I prefer the 3rd one as it’s more defined – the darkness gives it depth, but for me, the first one is a close second. Answers please!

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