Background 3 of 26 – Nightlife at the church yard

Hello everyone, well it’s that time again, the 2 weeks is up and for you all  here is background number 3.


This is again a scene pencil drawn and coloured.  Two are modified and one is the original scan.

Please tell keep telling what your favourite is, I love the feedback.
This particular scene is based on the beautiful and unusual drawings of  John Burningham.

Church Yard 1

Church yard 2

Church Yard 3


One thought on “Background 3 of 26 – Nightlife at the church yard

  1. moggin says:

    right… Tough one but i think i like the 3rd one best as it’s defined but still feels real. yeah yeah, keeping it real. I can say that. i can get away with that. I’m feelin it.
    (beautiful pictures all, dear friend x)

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