Background 6 of 26 – In the Rabbit Hole

What ho everyone.

I’m a week behind on my 26 backgrounds (so expect another next week) so sorry about that.
This time I have been wrestling with my 2 free picture programmes – Gimp and inkscape.  You get really different results from the two and I’m not sure which I like best.  Vector graphs (Inkscape) look great but don’t seem as warm as raster imaging (Gimp), well as far as I use them anyway.   Which is your favourite?  Take a look (there’s only 2 pictures this time).

This picture of a little bunny curled up in the hollow of a tree is based on a lovely Richard Scarry drawing.

Bunny One

  Bunny Two


One thought on “Background 6 of 26 – In the Rabbit Hole

  1. moggin says:

    I do really like the both -annoyingly, i prefer the bunny in 1 and the background in 2 – if i had to choose, like because otherwise you would like punch me or something, then i’d say 1. i do really love the image over all x

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