Gwen Millward’s 3 Words of Wisdom

Gwen Millward, the self confessed friendly scatter brain, has been putting illustration to words for a job since her graduation from Edinburgh University in 2002.

She draws for others, and to great success, but my favourite book of hers is the self penned ‘Bear and Bird’  a wonderful tale of the 2 best friends and their adventures in the forest.

‘Always have fun’

“When I’m having fun it really comes across in the way I draw, and vice versa.”

Thanks again Gwen.



I’ve done a short video!

Ello, I’ve done a little video.

In the past some of you might remember the little video I did for a decluttering service. Well, I’ve ventured into the wonderful world of video again to promote my stall at Brighton Craftaganza at the Fabrica Gallery on Sunday 1st December between 10am and 5pm.

Some say it’s weird, other hilarious. Others, yet again, scratch their head and ponder. Take a look and pass it round. What do you think?


Also I have submitted the following designs for a competition at the wonderful Ohh Deer site(click on each picture to go and see them). My designs will be only available till Monday but there’s load of other great things on there to peruse if you don’t happen to pop by till after then.




Thanks for reading.

AP x

Weekly Round Up

What ho again.  I finally got back online this Wednesday after my computer gave up the ghost last weekend.

Lots of things have been done in that time.

I submitted a couple of designs for the Ohh Dear Competition (which is when my computer crashed).  Here they are:


Lassies’ Predicament

Blofelds Cat 900by600

Blofeld’s Cat


Giant Squids Day Off


Spy Frog in New York

Thinking I wouldn’t quite be picked to be the latest contributor fro Ohh Dear I set up a new shop myself at Society6 .


Please take a look at what you can buy.  They ship worldwide!

I also have set up a page on the site called 3 Word Wisdom where I ask experienced illustrators for 3 words that they feel sums up what they have learned in their time drawing.  I hope to build this into an archive of inspiration for all aspiring and new illustrators out there.

Thanks to:


Mike Smith


Stephen Collins


Dan Berry

Dan Berry

who have all added their 3 words so far.


So to next week.  Adios!




Weekly Round Up

Only managed to do a few bits and pieces this week.

I’m working on some ideas for the Ohh Dear shop for the beginning of July but this week I’ve made a couple of images possibly to turn into prints for my own shop.  I’ve also been drawing snout ideas for my mole for a graphic novel story.


frog cold



Till next week.

AP xx

Weekly Round Up

It’s been an odd old week. (I’ve still got me brain fog)

Thankfully there has been one emergency happily resolved but Iv’e had a bit of a nervous feeling all week.  I’m not sure what the feeling is but I am sure many illustrators, like me, feel slightly out on a limb when most the their feedback comes back in the form of a whispering ball of tumbleweed.  What do other people do?  Are we all tucked away from the light working in studios, bedrooms and home offices?   Where do you get support if you don’t come from the university system?  How much do you concentrate on building your work and how much to you try to build a network of people and contacts around you?  They are not questions easily answered this week but I have decided just to keep drawing and not try and judge and over fuss about my work too much.

It all sound a bit serious doesn’t it?  It’s not really.  Take a look at what I have done when I’ve not been fretting:


I put a 20% discount on my little book.


I did these designs for my website header:

bearbanner2.png penguinbanner.png elephantbanner1102.jpg

I woke up Donald:


An I did this for the Kemp Town Rag: (A Big thanks to Louise for continuing to enjoy my work)

kemptown unicorn

Until next week.

AP x

Weekly Round Up

This week I have been chilling out in the countryside.  I have past over 10,000 views of my website and posted over 400 blog posts.

I’ve done one or two drawings and sketches.  Here they are:


A Little Bear I’m working on at the moment:



And an Elephant Sketch:

elephant sketch

And here’s the last two Illustration Friday posts:







Till next week my friends.

AP x

Week Round Up

I’ve done so much this week so I’m going to get right to it!

Welcome to the world little Harvey:  Here’s your card:


And a big Birthday shout to the twins, Loki and Isabel who were one on the 29th May:

isabel card1 loki Did this for a Mumford and Sons T-shirt competition.  It doesn’t quite fit their style, ho, ho.  Vote it a contender to be the next tour merchandise  here from 31st May: Talent House Potting


I finished a couple more Mythical creatures who RUIN your Birthday:

phoenix cardsml


I topped up my odd quota:

angst creaturessmall

And made a new banner and Potting web front page:


It’s a quiet countryside week in store next week but after that it’s back to the joy of creatures.

Have a good week everyone.

Ap xx

Weekly Round Up

What ho chaps,

Hope you are all well?  Looking back through my posts over recent times I can only apologise for the perfunctory nature of my prose. All I can say in mitigation is that I’ve been tickled by an illness that has left my brain in what seems like a permanent brain fog.  So, should we agree that, for now I’ll let my pictures do the talking?  Shall we?  Thanks for that.  Hopefully the mists will clear and a more perky prose will emerge from it.

So, with that said, here are this weeks pictures:

I did this Birthday card for Greg.  I used The Masked Quadruped as I love that elephant:


I’ve also done another Birthday card for a new little arrival, little Harvey, but I’ll post that next week as I have not seen his mum and dad yet to pass on the card.

Here’s a little lady I’ve drawn for a card idea I’m currently working on:



Here’s a stubborn rabbit:

mr eggheed

My latest in my new card range:  Mythical Creatures Can Ruin Your Birthday:


And finally, this weeks Friday Illustration submission; Topic: Tension


Until next week me friends, with more drawings from out of the fog.

AP xx

Weekly Round Up

This week I’ve been a little bit ill but there has been plenty to be happy about.

Firstly there was another new arrival.  Welcome little Harvey.  Congratulations mum and dad, Nicola and Jos.

And there was a Happy Birthday to Dan too. Dan has seen one or two more Birthdays than Harvey but it’s still worth a good old knees up when his day comes around.

I’ve been tinkering around with some new ideas this week:

The Evil Rabbit: (Click to see the animated Gif)


And Mythical creatures that spoil your Birthday:


And for this weeks Friday Illustration (Topic Liquid):


See you next week.  Hopefully I shall in a better fetlock.

AP xx