Weekly Round Up

What ho again.  I finally got back online this Wednesday after my computer gave up the ghost last weekend.

Lots of things have been done in that time.

I submitted a couple of designs for the Ohh Dear Competition (which is when my computer crashed).  Here they are:


Lassies’ Predicament

Blofelds Cat 900by600

Blofeld’s Cat


Giant Squids Day Off


Spy Frog in New York

Thinking I wouldn’t quite be picked to be the latest contributor fro Ohh Dear I set up a new shop myself at Society6 .


Please take a look at what you can buy.  They ship worldwide!

I also have set up a page on the site called 3 Word Wisdom where I ask experienced illustrators for 3 words that they feel sums up what they have learned in their time drawing.  I hope to build this into an archive of inspiration for all aspiring and new illustrators out there.

Thanks to:


Mike Smith


Stephen Collins


Dan Berry

Dan Berry

who have all added their 3 words so far.


So to next week.  Adios!