Weekly Round Up

It’s been an odd old week. (I’ve still got me brain fog)

Thankfully there has been one emergency happily resolved but Iv’e had a bit of a nervous feeling all week.  I’m not sure what the feeling is but I am sure many illustrators, like me, feel slightly out on a limb when most the their feedback comes back in the form of a whispering ball of tumbleweed.  What do other people do?  Are we all tucked away from the light working in studios, bedrooms and home offices?   Where do you get support if you don’t come from the university system?  How much do you concentrate on building your work and how much to you try to build a network of people and contacts around you?  They are not questions easily answered this week but I have decided just to keep drawing and not try and judge and over fuss about my work too much.

It all sound a bit serious doesn’t it?  It’s not really.  Take a look at what I have done when I’ve not been fretting:


I put a 20% discount on my little book.


I did these designs for my website header:

bearbanner2.png penguinbanner.png elephantbanner1102.jpg

I woke up Donald:


An I did this for the Kemp Town Rag: (A Big thanks to Louise for continuing to enjoy my work)

kemptown unicorn

Until next week.

AP x


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