Half Way

Good lord! What can I say. I am half way through now. What a absolute pleasure it has been to present these creatures to you on a daily basis. Some days they pop out of the mind quickly. Some days I don’t even know what they will be until my pen hits the page, but whatever way they arrive, and thankfully they do arrive, I do hope you have been enjoying them. I have my favourites and I’m sure you do too so here’s to the next six months and many more creatures to come.

In the coming year I hope to display all of the creatures in a gallery and print a small selection of my favourites in a little book so please do tell me which are your favourites and I’ll look to include them in my retrospective. I also hope one or two of the creatures will go on to have further adventures, so please keep a look out because you never know what will happen in the future.

Thanks for popping by.

All my love