Welcome to my 500th Post

Hello everyone this is my 500th post.

“Ooh!”  I hear you exclaim.

I suppose some people knock 500 posts out in a month but I think it’s probably taken me about three and a half years.   Like most things I do writing these posts have been a bit of a slow burner.  I have been extremely pleased to introduce you to many creatures here and proud to start the 3 Word Wisdom Project.

To coincide with my 500th post I have now opened an Etsy Shop selling my handmade illustrations as well as some prints here and there.

etsyshopfrontAnd to celebrate the opening of the shop I am offering a FREE give-away.

The first person to get a friend to sign up for my newsletter on the front page of my website and email me: appottingjr@gmail.com to say they have done so can choose any product from my Etsy Shop and I will post it off to them as a FREE GIFT.

Thanks for all your support over the past 3 year everyone.

AP x


Never miss a post or Potting News:  Take me to the Potting Sign Up widget.

Buy stuff from me at Society6 and from my original art page.

If you see anything you like in a post or on my website and it’s not available to buy please let me know and I’ll try to make it available to you.

Pop into the studio and say hello.

Check me out on Twitter or Facebook.

AP x


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