One Wedding and a Duke

Hi all,

I’ve been working on some new pigeon drawings recently.  Below is Quentin and the Duke.  Both original drawings are available at my NEW Original Work For Sale page.

Both are drawn in pen and coloured in via my lovely water colour set.

The Duke!

the duke print


original art Quentin

ALSO I have more bits and pieces for sale at my Society 6 shop too.

And.. a big Happy Marriage to my lovely friends Ant and Becky who are currently lazying in Bali on a well deserved Honeymoon.


Notice how my hand held scanner warped the Just Married banner into Lust Married.  Very interesting indeed.

And finally for now a big thanks to the Editor of Illustration Age for being the latest contributor to my 3 Word Wisdom page.

Thomas James

Thanks again Thomas.

AP x



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