Sarah McIntyre’s 3 words of wisdom

Sarah McIntyre adores raspberry jam. She also loves wild hats, enormous wigs and making silly comics with her friends. She first studied Russian literature but ten years later, went to Camberwell College of the Arts and learned how to write and illustrate books. She has illustrated and written some fabulously books, my favourite being Vern and Lettuce.

Make bad books.

“We all have to start somewhere. I see so many talented friends getting angry with themselves because they don’t make the perfect book just as they’re getting started, and quitting, or feeling depressed. It’s okay to make bad things! I tell this to kids all the time: if you make bad books, lots of them, eventually your books will start to become less bad, and possibly even good. Be kind to yourself, get used to finishing projects and keep moving on to the next thing. Sometimes when I try to draw intentionally badly, I learn a new way of drawing that’s actually quite funny, and I adopt it into my set of good drawing skills.”
sarah Mcintyre
Thanks ever so much Sarah.

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