Marc John’s 3 Words of Wisdom

A massive thanks to Marc Johns for adding his 3 words to the 3 Word Wisdom Project:


Marc Johns, is a bit of a illustration hero of mine.  He creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. You can find him all over the web:


Marc’s Shop (original drawings and signed prints)
Society6 shop (iphone cases, tote bags, framed prints and more)
Follow Marc on TypePad


He also has a couple of books: Serious Drawings and I Made These Drawings for You.


Always Be Yourself.


“Sounds corny but goddamn it it’s true. It’s so easy to borrow other people’s styles and follow trends and try to do what everyone else is doing.

I am easily tempted to adopt themes and ideas from others, we all are. And no one creates in a vacuum, and we are the sum of all our influences. But in the end your work has to be from YOU, it has to be YOUR voice, because that’s what’ll make it stand out. Your perspective is unique and fascinating, if you let it come out.”





Thanks again Marc.  You can check out all the 3 words contributors so far here:

More 3 Words of Wisdom to come soon.

AP xx


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