Jonathan Edwards’ 3 Words of Wisdom

A massive thanks to Jonathan Edwards for adding his 3 words to the 3 Word Wisdom Project:

Jonathan is an amazingly talented illustrator and character designer.

His work first appeared in 1993 in Deadline and Tank Girl Magazine with strips such as Dandy Dilemma, Simon Creem, The Squabbling Dandies (with Richard Holland) and one pagers about, amongst others, Scott Walker, Sly Stone, Nancy Sinatra, Kraftwerk and The Beach Boys. Since then he’s worked for the Guardian, Mojo, Q, Mad, The Black Eyed Peas, A Skillz & Krafty Kuts, The Jungle Brothers and The Glastonbury Festival.

Comics include Aunt Connie & The Plague of Beards, A Bag Of Anteaters (with Ian Carney) and Two Coats McWhinnie (also with Carney). He’s also been a regular contributor to the Guardian since 1999 and illustrated the Hard Sell weekly column in the Guide from 2002 to 2011.


Keep it interesting.

“I remember seeing a beautiful Ben Shahn drawing of shopping trollies and thinking if that can make a great subject for an illustration then anything can. There’s always a way!”

Thanks again Jonathan.  You can check out all the 3 words contributors so far here:

More 3 Words of Wisdom to come soon.

AP xx


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