Christmas news to one and all

What ho everyone,

It’s been a busy run up to December.  I’ve managed to do loads of drawings and the like, so in the spirit of keeping you all up-to-date, here is the news:

Delivering Cards to your Door

Easter Bunny


Having a little think about my Christmas cards this week I managed to co-erce my creature helper into providing a delivery service to all the residents of the city centre of Brighton and Hove.  So, if you order any number of card packs from my website and live in Brighton, I will send my delivery monkey direct to your door.



The new ETSY Shop ETSY Shop Front

I have set up a new ETSY Shop  and have display a few of my prints there.  If you don’t live in Brighton it’s a great way to get your hands on some Potting Christmas cards too.





More News…

Just to remind you all I have a little Book out which is available at LULU.  It’s a great treat for big and small kids alike.


You can see my latest creatures published in the Kemptown Rag, my local monthly news magazine, which I have been contributing to for the past 6 months.

The Masked Quadruped

I’m working on a little book at the moment and hope to be able to say more in my next news post.

I’m also available to take on commissions.  Please just get in touch if you have something you want me to draw for you,


Everyone please feel free to use any of my images for non-commercial use. The Christmas card images would make great e-cards.  All I ask is that you credit me when you do so.

And Finally…

Happy Christmas to one and all.


AP x