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Firstly welcome, here you will find humorous illustrations for all ages, adults and children alike.  You can find 10 such drawings in my book  ‘The Magical Menagerie of AP Potting JR’  which you can download the digital copy of here or buy the print edition here.

Read my book:

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The Magical Menagerie project ran everyday between 28th June 2011 and 27th June 2012.  Each creature was drawn, one a day, in five minute bursts for a whole year.

80 creatures from the  Menagerie were exhibited as one off digital prints,  in recycled frames,  as part of the Brighton Festival in May 2012.

Find all the Menagerie Creatures.  They can be found in my blog or look at more of my favourites here.

As you can see every illustration tells a story, sometimes just a snapshot, or an unusual predicament befalling upon one unfortunate creature or another.

Blofeld's Cat

Blofeld’s Cat

You can get your hands on some of these miscreants at my shop (in the form of canvases or posters) or find out more be having a little explore here.

I also have some prints and further merchandise available at the Socitey6 shop.

You also can SIGN UP to keep in touch with all the Potting news.

In addition I host The 3 Word Wisdom page full of concise and insightful advice from illustrators and artists.

I am working on a children’s book at the moment but I can currently take commissions too.  So, if you’ve got some exciting work or interesting opportunity to wing my way, please get in touch.

But, for now, here are some further creatures and their stories for your perusal:

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